The Best TikTok Stylists to Follow for the Latest and Greatest in Trends

The Best TikTok Stylists to Follow for the Latest and Greatest in Trends

The Best TikTok Stylists to Follow for the Latest and Greatest in Trends

Your feed is about to get a lot more fashionable.

Your feed is about to get a lot more fashionable.

Text: Bailey Bujnosek

TikTok has launched more than a few fashion trends since its inception, from the soft girl aesthetic to the e-girl style. But the app isn't just for originating new trends—it's also a prime platform for learning about how to style them. Fashion creators around the world make TikToks that can help you follow the latest and greatest in trends. Whether you're curious about what tops will be everywhere this summer or what to pair with your new platforms, these TikTok stylists will help you figure it all out.

Hannah Oh/@hannahohx


obviously wear whatever you want but these are some of my favs! part 1 is up too 🥰 #summer2021trends #fashiontrends2021 #summerfashion2021

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NYC student Hannah Oh has been sharing her stellar fits on IG and TikTok for a few years now. Her comfy-meets-cute style stands out for being colorful and creative. Having interned for publications like CR Fashion Book, Oh’s trend predictions are always spot-on. Plus, she makes hair- and makeup-trend videos to help you stay on top of trends in the beauty world.


Pierrah’s TikTok bio describes her as a “creative renaissance woman,” a title reflected by her versatile content. Her TikTok is a mix of enviable #ootds, informative fashion history, and her popular “Black Designers You Should Know” series. The trendy outfits Pierrah shares span the aesthetic spectrum from soft to sporty and chic, meaning there’s plenty of fashion inspo to go ‘round.

Marie Kitsóva/@mariekitsova

London-based blogger Marie Kitsóva is here to break down all the latest trends. Her feminine style and helpful makeup advice videos have helped her grow her TikTok to 22K followers. Amidst her tutorials and outfit compilations, Kitsóva uploads relatable vids talking about the less glamorous side of being a content creator.

Maria Castellanos & Denise Mercedes/@mariacastellanos_ri & @denisemmercedes


1 year ago today @mariacastellanos_ri and I started this series and it’s been so great inspiring so many of you ! All looks from @asos #stylenotsize

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Tired of seeing every trend on the same conventional body type? Maria Castellanos & Denise Mercedes were too, prompting them to start their viral “Style not Size” series. The TikToks feature the two friends wearing the same look side-by-side, making it easy to compare what an outfit looks like on different body types. The duo also make fashion-forward clips on their individual accounts.

Thalia Castro-Vega/@polychrom3

If you’re looking for sustainably styled, inventive looks, Thalia Castro-Vega’s TikTok is for you. Castro-Vegas’ recommendations for dressing different body types are extensive and well-researched. Not only does she explain which outfits work for which proportions and why, but she also mentions fashion TikTokers that have the same body type. In other words, her account is the gift that keeps on giving.

Kristin Cabat/@kristincabat

Kristin Cabat is proof you can do it all. The LA-based TikTok user is a registered nurse—and a fashion icon. Though her account is relatively new, her styling TikToks are already top-notch. From reporting on seasonal trends to crafting fits around popular colors, Cabat’s vids serve the perfect dose of inspiration for any fashion fan. 


For the inside scoop on all things print, look no further than Saira. Her TikTok has advice for styling all kinds of pieces, with a particular emphasis on statement pants and cozy sweaters. The UK-based creator is also a member of the stylehaus14 collective, where you can find styling TikToks from her and thirteen other creators.

Samantha Mowery/@samanthamoweryxx

Rounding out our list of TikTok stylists is NYC wardrobe stylist Samantha Mowery. Mowery’s account features outfit compilations, try-on hauls, and thrifting finds. Her videos are a nice callback to the beauty guru-type content from the early days of YouTube, though updated for the 2020s. Her fresh thrifted fits are proof that you don’t need to shop fast fashion to stay on-trend.

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