The Buttertones Drop a Dynamic New Single: “Jazzhound”

The Los Angeles rock group released an accompanying music video, too.

Since The Buttertones’ genesis in 2012, they’ve cultivated 4 studio albums that blur the lines of rock, fusing together the sounds of indie, garage, surf, and punk. Their new single “Jazzhound” keeps that notion alive and is the first glance at what’s to come in the band’s new fifth album under the same name, due out on April 10th via Innovative Leisure

The Buttertones started when Richard Araiza, Sean Redman, and Modeste “Cobi” Cobián were studying in Hollywood, and now the trio is joined by London Guzmán and Grant Snyder. Playing shows around Los Angeles’s Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake neighborhoods in their early aughts, The Buttertones became a household name in LA’s music scene. 

While their sound is original in and of itself, the group finds inspiration from a variety of sounds, blending them together and arriving with a comprehensible aggregate. Between The Clash, The Cramps, and Scott Walker, The Buttertones have an assortment of musicians and bands from which they’ve said influences their music.

With “Jazzhound,” the lyrics are dark and the sound is reminiscent of post-punk from the late ‘70s. The music video for the new single, directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, oozes the same feelings as the song it’s set to. In some shots, members of The Buttertones take turns grooving with a trio of ‘60s-style dancers, and in other shots a mouth full of a mysterious black substance sings along to the lyrics. 

Watch the hypnotic video below, and check out The Buttertones while they’re on tour this spring.

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