The “Cats” Trailer Is Here and It’s Hair-Raising

The star-studded trailer is definitely making people feel lots of things.

The clamor around Cats has been building up since 2013 when rumors of its genesis first started spreading. With today’s trailer release, our anticipation has finally reached crescendo. Not shockingly, it’s what one would expect of any grand movie musical: dramatic, dark-lit scenes and dance sequences over its most recognizable power ballad. With its all-star cast, the Cats trailer continues to prove this formula works. Newcomer Francesca Hayward twirls “in the moonlight” and James Corden prances down a cobblestone street, all to Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “Memory”. There’s definitely plenty to be excited about.

However, there was another thread of discussion revolving around the trailer online. Director Tom Hooper, who also directed Les Miserables (2012), had recently raved about the film’s realistic “digital fur technology”. After getting first looks at this CGI innovation in the trailer, the public didn’t necessarily love it. In fact, most people were freaked out. Twitter and most major headlines have been calling the movie’s imagery “horrifying” or “weird.” Ouch.

The characters’ appearances aside, Cats seems true to its source material and destined to wow audiences, for good or for worse. You can watch the Cats trailer below.

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