The Design Studio Addressing the Plastic Waste Crisis

Since New York’s single-use plastic bag ban has a major loophole, the design studio Placeholder created a better option.

Japanese designer Sho Shibuya, who founded the brand design studio Placeholder in Brooklyn, is taking on New York’s recent plastic bag ban. The ban, which goes into effect on March 1st, has a major loophole, where businesses serving cooked or unprepared foods are still allowed to use plastic bags. Shibuya and Placeholder are countering that with their new Biodegradable Bamboo Bag.

This isn’t Placeholder’s first venture into the world’s plastic waste crisis; last year they published PLASTIC PAPER, a photography book that documented the designs of single-use plastic bags littered across New York City. With the Biodegradable Bamboo Bag, the design studio aims to decrease the amount of single-use plastic floating around New York and the planet. 

The bag is made out of sustainable and renewable bamboo fiber, and since it only uses one sheet of the material, it takes less resources to make than the average paper bag. Most notably though, the bag can be composted or disposed of so it makes its way back into the earth rather than polluting it.

Check out the PLASTIC PAPER initiative and bag below, and, as Placeholder and Shibuya would recommend, always be mindful of your plastic consumption. 

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