The Elder Statesman Bends The Rules in Holiday 2021-22

The brand’s new collection was inspired by trippy cartoon motifs.

The Elder Statesman’s “Holiday,” or Resort 2021-22 collection is a trippy explosion of colors. Inspired by the theme of “cartoon physics,” when the laws of physics are bent for humorous effects, like in Looney Tunes, the lineup plays with dimensions, patterns, and textures.

The brand creates a parallel with the fashion world it’s inserted in: The Elder Statesman seeks to override certain unspoken “laws of luxury” in order to achieve the ultimate heightened experience – what they compare to reaching nirvana. 

The campaign imagery also taps into that theme, with colorful settings resulting in photos and videos that play with proportions and lens distortions. 

Photo by Dorian Ulises Lopez Macias. Courtesy of The Elder Statesman.

For this season, the label teamed up with two artists from New York’s Land Gallery, James Rosa, and Carlo Daleo, to come up with a lineup marked by bold colors such as green, orange, pink, and yellow that come together in organic shapes.

The Land Gallery is a non-profit studio that also works as a habilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities. Daleo, who is an animator and voice-over artist, contributed with cartoon drawings and slogans such as a smiling tiger, a juggling clown, and phrases like “Time for fun” and “The End… Or is it?” which are featured throughout the collection’s cashmere.

Photo by Dorian Ulises Lopez Macias. Courtesy of The Elder Statesman.

The giant animals and characters featured in the campaign are recreations of Daleo’s characters in papier mache, commissioned by The Elder Statesman from a local Día de Los Muertos cartonería. 

Rosa’s work is marked by the use of circular shapes, forming what at first may look abstract, but when the viewers get closer, they realize it can be made out of smiley faces, mirrors, and dinner plates. The artist’s work was adapted by a Central American art collective, who hand-crocheted Rosa’s motifs into The Elder Statesman’s cashmere, creating a set of colorful knitwear. 

Photo by Dorian Ulises Lopez Macias. Courtesy of The Elder Statesman.

Another highlight is the five-ply cable-knit sweater and matching shorts set, which was made and manually tie-dyed in Los Angeles, resulting in what the brand describes as one of its “most luxurious lounge sets” yet. Accessories include a black crochet balaclava and a colorful teddy bear, along with Crocs decorated with colorful, oversized charms. 

The collection was photographed at Casa Organica, a set of structures created by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain’s Casa Organica, who aims to design organic architecture that conserves microclimates and natural insulation around Mexico City – motifs that speak directly to what this collection also aimed to channel. 

Watch The Elder Statesman’s Holiday 2021-22 campaign below:

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