The Expanding Miu Miu-Verse in Fall/Winter 2022

Building upon last season, the label does not tire its impact, adding tougher, gender-neutral tones.

Since the takeover of last season’s micro, its fame (or infamy, depending on who you ask) as the uniform appears on nearly every major magazine internationally, Miuccia Prada is far from wanting to settle Miu Miu’s present impact. Taking on the skimpy prettiness that we have all been eating up, Prada expands the universe of the Miu Miu girl, adding touches of tennis and gritty to the short and skimpy. 

Fall/Winter 2022 reigns in gender inclusivity as supreme; the same skin-baring silhouette appeared on more men (but like last season, the clothes were still only dressed slender bodies). New variations of last year’s school uniforms appear – bright white lined with baby blue boxers, covered with light coats to keep the cold away. Outerwear appears in shearling, snakeskin, and about halfway through – dark leather. Double belted pants, glen plaids, and mesh perfectly diverge away from the looks of preparatory school days. 

It may not be the Miu Miu girl universe after all – heavy motorcycle boots, leather bomber jackets, and the addictive raw cuts of shorts lend to a new reality that Prada is aware of the impact that genuine gender expression can truly hold. This doesn’t mean that she should not forget the details that make us love Miu Miu – dainty ballet flats paired with knitted socks and coy mesh panels still make manifest, even while forced into the background of the label’s new ethos. It’s thrilling, and it’ll be exciting to see how the collection will impact social media’s reaction – à la @miumiuset on Instagram. 

Watch below to see the full collection

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