The Final Stranger Things 4 Trailer Is Here

After almost three years of waiting, fans are gearing up for the fourth installment of the sci-fi drama

Perhaps the most highly anticipated release of the summer is almost here: Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 premieres on May 27, and the final trailer hints at it being the most explosive and unpredictable season yet.

In the minute-long trailer, cast favorites are reintroduced, including the Hellfire Club rolling the dice in an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons and Hopper staging what looks to be like a prison break. Following the third installment in 2019, the fourth season picks up six months after the Starcourt Mall battle, and the characters are interspersed throughout different parts of the United States and the world.

A new cast of characters join the familiar faces, including  Robert Englund as Victor Creel, Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard, and Eduardo Franco as Argyle. The episodes will be noticeably longer — according to producer Matt Duffer, episode nine is over two hours long.

All seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 premiere this Friday, May 27, with Vol. 2 set to release on July 1.

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