The Gold Medal Goes To Thom Browne

The Gold Medal Goes To Thom Browne

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The Gold Medal Goes To Thom Browne

For hosting the best Olympic-themed show we've ever seen.

For hosting the best Olympic-themed show we've ever seen.

Text: Juliana Bakumenko

The year is 2132. You’re at the Lunar Games, along with visitors from all over the galaxy. Now you may be wondering, how did we get here? You may also be wondering, if we’re in 2132, what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election? To find out the answer to that, you’ll just have to vote.

As for how we got to this place and time, we can all thank “Earth-based” designer Thom Browne for the journey to the 2132 Olympic-like games as part of his Spring/Summer 2021 presentation.

A playful getaway, the American designer imagines the future set in an intergalactic stadium, modeled after the Roman Colosseum, as people (or possibly aliens) from all planets gather to celebrate the Lunar Games. While we here on Earth weren’t able to partake in the major spectacle of the Olympic Games this year, Browne reimagines the beloved sporting phenomenon over a hundred years into the future.

Sports commentators Jordan Firstman and Grace Mahary set the scene in Browne’s SS21 presentation video, introducing the sports superstars who double as models (though some are actual Olympians, on Earth!).

A playful presentation, the SS21 collection itself is imaginative and sculptural while remaining straightforward and minimalistic. Every piece, aside from each model’s reflective aviators, is in a pale shade, almost all white, the hints of color only revealed as the light hits the models. The calm colors let the pieces speak for themselves, the graphic textures telling a story of their own.

Though gender is nothing more than a social construct in the world of Thom Browne, the womenswear seems to be an avant-garde take on traditional leisurewear outfits for activities such as badminton or tennis with the classic 1930s drop waist silhouette and sporty touches. Some looks first appear in simple silhouettes, then the details of sharp shoulders and asymmetrical hemlines come through in a classic Thom Browne style. Certain looks are simply a collage of garments, a blazer as a skirt and heavy knitwear as a hat. Scenes of embroidery and delicate line work stand out in this collection blank canvases, bringing the viewer into another world of creativity.

Sporty, imaginative, and simply fun, Thom Browne’s SS21 collection took us to another planet and once again left us wanting to live in the mind of Thom Browne.

Credits: Visuals Courtesy of Thom Browne


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