The Healing Crystals To Have Before The Full Moon

The upcoming blue moon is the perfect night for cleansing.

We’re a mere two days away from Halloween, and this year, we’re in for a treat. On Hallows Eve, we will get to experience a “blue moon.” It won’t actually be blue, but it will be the second full moon of the month, which only falls on Halloween once every 19 or 38 years. It will also be the first time in a whole 76 years that there will be a full Halloween moon in every U.S. time zone.

In honor of this momentous moment, here is a round up on some of the best healing crystals to have on hand before then, if you’d like to be able to cleanse or charge them under the powerful Halloween blue moon.

Clear Quartz

Known as the “master healer” this is the everyman crystal. It can be used to purify a space, amplify or absorb energy. If you are only going to have one crystal on hand, this is a good place to start.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone has gained attention as “the love stone.” Perfect for sensual rituals, or calling affection toward oneself, keep rose quartz close if you have been experiencing an imbalance in your romantic endeavors. This crystal isn’t just for drawing love from others, it’s also used to enhance self-love and self-worth.


This gorgeous purple gem is used to heal and protect. It can rid the mind of negative thoughts and promote a good night’s rest. Placing a piece of amethyst on your nightstand could help to regulate your body while you rest.


This is the stone of “new beginnings” as it promotes strength and inner growth. Use this stone if you plan on making any big changes and allow it to cleanse your mind of anxiety or apprehension.

Tiger’s Eye

Similar to moonstone, this golden stone will give you a boost in energy and motivation, while ridding you of self-doubt. It is also said to help guide users toward clear and conscious decisions.


This is the protection stone. It’s opaque black form creates a barrier that blocks out negativity. It can also help release physical or emotional blockages.


This warm, golden crystal brings positivity and light to your life. It is said to enhance creativity and concentration. It also looks beautiful.


Genevieve Garruppo

This stone is chock full of goddess energy. It brings the cycles of the body into balance and harmony. Try picking up a piece of selenite if you’ve been feeling a little off lately.


This green gem is a lightning rod for luck. Having some aventurine around will draw prosperity to you. It can also be used to boost leadership or promote speedy recovery from sickness or injury.


As the legend goes, bloodstone is actually made from the blood of Christ’s tears. That’s what they believed in the middle ages anyway. These days it is well liked for its healing properties.


This creamy stone is the essence of dreams and light. It brings joy to gatherings and positivity to your home.


This lovely crystal is reminiscent of the great, expansive waters. It is said to mirror their ebb and flow, bringing calm and tranquility to those who possess it.

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