The Hottest Trend at Stockholm Fashion Week? Sustainability.

Environmentally-friendly fashion practices are here to stay.

Stockholm Fashion Week came to an end in a whirlwind of talent, creativity and pleasantly, sustainability. Brands rooted sustainable practices at the core of their collections this season, noting how critical it is for it to be a main focus, especially in the fashion industry.  

A SFW Sustainability Hub in Stockholm’s city center allowed patrons to learn more about specific practices used this year by the different brands featured. Brands and companies were able to discuss and present the methods and creative processes to combat waste that results from the fashion industry. Renting, swapping, remake, redesign and recycle were just some of the few methods on display.

Brands in SFW such as Stand Studio, ATP Atelier and House of Dagmar utilized sustainable practices within their collection. Through the many ways that SFW brands put sustainability at their forefront, it’s clear to us that high-quality fashion collections and mindful environmental practices can go hand-in-hand.

Stand Studio, a stellar contemporary brand, used faux fur, vegan leather and other sustainable materials in their collection this year. 

ATP Atelier prioritized smart and lasting craftsmanship, aiming to utilize their sustainable mindset to inspire and make a difference in their consumer’s life.

House of Dagmar feminine spirit and luxurious silhouettes sourced certified organic materials that were not only recycled, but animal-friendly as well.

It’s refreshing to see the fashion world bring these important environmental practices to the head of their collection, and we can’t wait to see more of it done in the future. Until next year, Stockholm.

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