The House of Carolina Herrera Releases “The Conversation”

An unscripted dialogue between Carolina Herrera and the house’s current creative director Wes Gordon.

For this round of New York Fashion Week, Carolina Herrera decided to take a different approach: instead of the regular Spring 2021 runway show, the label decided to release The Conversation — a dialogue between Herrera herself and Wes Gordon, the brand’s current creative director. As both have admitted during the short documentary-style interview, it was their first time speaking about fashion together: what it is, what it means, the inspirations and craftsmanship behind it. And, first and foremost, the newly released spring 2021 collection from Gordon.

“I love your collection,” Herrera said. “It’s so 2021, it is fabulous! That’s why you are here.” (both laugh)
Thinking back to the time he put his own label on hold and took over the responsibility of carrying out day-to-day design duties at the House, Gordon acknowledged that he was a little nervous about taking on the big role — and the unscripted video interview has revealed it all. “There’s a very special place in my heart for the house you built,” he said. “I feel like the luckiest person in the world to work for [this brand.]”

Directed and filmed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, the wife of Diana Vreeland’s grandson, The Conversation is divided into four chapters: Fashion Is Magical, I Love New York, Life is in the Details and The House of Herrera. In addition to discussing Carolina Herrera collections… and their respective design processes, the two talked about memorable cab rides, Studio 54 years and Herrera’s friendships with the likes of Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. The big question of the day was as follows: what is fashion, and what significance does it have in our time?

“The fashion is for your everyday life, too,” Herrera explains. “It’s not only for the big occasion.”
“But sometimes good fashion can make a little occasion into an important occasion,” Gordon adds. “We get so distracted by the things that are scary and dark and bad, and I think that fashion can be a beautiful reminder that it’s okay to smile and that it’s another day.”

Watch the full video below or listen to the podcast version of The Conversation on Spotify.

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