The Jonas Brothers Release Highly Anticipated Single, “Wings”

“Wings” is a funky-pop banger with inspiration from the seventies that serves as the lead single off their upcoming record, “The Album”

The Jonas Brothers have released their highly-anticipated first single “Wings” off of their upcoming sixth full length record, The Album, set to release on May 12. “Wings” is a punchy pop tune, produced by Jon Bellion, with a luscious bass, effortlessly floating vocals, and an ultra catchy chorus. The song is a practice in well-informed pop, as it’s clear the band has gone back into funk-driven music as the framework for the new sound they are nose-diving into.

“We wanted to wipe the palette clean and demolish every expectation and box the brothers have ever been put into out the gate,” said Bellion. “We pushed ourselves to launch this thing musically into space while grounding it in a sort of Americana / Laurel Canyon nostalgia. There was a time when structure and composition mattered not only loops and vibes, and we dove into that mind frame. We went so deep into the spirit and energy of the late 70’s, the mustaches and long hair method acting approach started to just become our actual reality.”


The release of the single catapults the start of the brother band trio’s newest era since the release of their 2019 album Happiness Begins. For the Jo-Bros, The Album marks an expansion of their sound, showing off a new side to the band that the world has loved since the early 2000’s.

“‘Wings’ is the perfect start to this new chapter for us,” said the Jonas Brothers. “Working with Jon pushed us to explore our artistry in a way we never have before. The song is a great first taste of that creative exploration and what’s to come with The Album.”


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