The Knocks And Foster The People Team Up On “All About You”

“And before I knew it/ I forget all about you”

It’s been at least two years since The Knocks and Foster The People first teamed up on their track “Ride Or Die,” a formidable hit in its own right. But now, they’re back with “All About You.” The smooth production and easy catchiness of the track proves these music men have spent the lapsed time refining and maturing their skills.

Mark Foster of Foster the People, whose vocals can be heard on the track, spoke about the collaboration, saying, “When I was in New York a few months ago, I popped over to say hi to The Knocks guys, as I hadn’t caught up with them in a while. We were hanging at their studio, playing various things for each other that we had been working on. One of the tunes Ben played me was the rough instrumental for what would eventually turn into ‘All About You.’ It’s a beautiful thing when a casual hang with friends produces a piece of art.”

The Knocks, a New York based electro duo, have been together for over a decade. Foster The People have a similarly lengthy history and are the creators of “Pumped Up Kicks,” easily one of the most recognizable tunes of the 2000s. So, that’s to say this isn’t either bands first swing at a smash single. Still, “All About You” is neither dated nor overly-trendy. It blends the best of contemporary sensibilities with the sounds that keep fans coming back to these mainstay artists.

“‘All About You’ was a really natural process. We have always wanted to flip the Pastor T.L Barret sample ‘Like a Ship’ and I finally made a beat out of it on the tour bus last year… it was a little more basic and was just a breakbeat with the sample and an acid synth line,” said Ben Ruttner of The Knocks. “The beat kinda sat around for a while and we didn’t know what to do with it, but we knew we loved it.  Fast forward a couple months…it turned into something special.  It feels like a perfect nod to all the different sides of our influences. Late 90s electronica, meets Britpop, mashed with a hip-hop type gospel sample flip, & an indie pop song.”

“All About You” is the second single off The Knocks upcoming, untitled album. It also comes ahead of a new EP by Foster The People, set to be released before the end of the year.

Listen to the new track below.

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