The Longevity Of Classic Design In Fashion: Why Jeff Rudes’ Brands Are Built To Last

The Longevity Of Classic Design In Fashion: Why Jeff Rudes’ Brands Are Built To Last

Text: Thomas Herd

“Fashion—especially denim—is like the stock market”, says Jeff Rudes, the visionary co-founder of J Brand and the majority owner of powerhouse ready to wear brand L’Agence.

That’s why you can always rely on customer demand coming back to refined, classic, and purist design principles. Such design principles have always been hallmarks of Rudes’ labels. J Brand—for instance—became the universal gold standard in high fashion due to its classic dark blue denim jeans.

While trends and outliers have their moments, there will always be demand for a baseline of a high quality, clean and refined aesthetic. This baseline, after all, is what enables the market to reset itself and provides customers a reliable anchor to attach themselves to.

Such an anchor of classic principles is exactly what Rudes’ latest venture the classic yet chic and sleek RTW brand L’Agence—has molded itself as. Underneath a solid purist denim foundation set by Rudes, L’Agence builds devilishly stylish yet classical pieces that women can turn to season after season for the utmost in class and style sensibility. As opposed to most brands that consistently have to prospect new markets, L’Agence (much like J Brand before it) can rely on pleasing the same woman season after season, year after year who values the gold standard classic design.

And since the market will always come back to this foundation, Rudes’ L’Agence is now perfectly positioned to be a long-term market force in Fashion and write its own Chapter of Fashion History.


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