The Making of V: Amanda Harlech (V97)

The Making of V: Amanda Harlech (V97)

Amanda Harlech on years of creative freedom

Amanda Harlech on years of creative freedom

Photography: Nick Knight

Styling: Amanda Harlech

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To illustrate our V family values, we revisit this close-knit trio’s most scrapbook-worthy clips.

AMANDA HARLECH: There are so many memorable shoots that I have styled for V—I think because there is a freedom to explore image creatively and boundlessly. Stephen has always encouraged me to “go for it.” I have always loved and found inspiration in that.

One story that sits deep in my heart is “AMOR,” which the brilliant Nick Knight shot for V97 with the incredibly gifted Molly Blair. I had an amazing team and we followed my idea: Obsession to the point of heartbreaking beauty, where the landscape of cloth dreamt up by designers figured a kind of passionate love affair with one’s body.

I also did many, many shoots with Karl and in a way, he lives on in my memory of those sessions at his studio, 7L, in Paris. Once he had Daphne and I swap identities [for V]. It was uncanny looking around in hair and makeup and seeing myself so perfectly embodied by Daphne. Karl thought it was hilarious—even he couldn’t tell us apart! Another great shoot was his “White Shirt” story in V100. I loved the way Karl took portraits and I thought that the story should be based around his favorite girls, paired with his favorite item of clothing— the perfect white shirt.

“Optimistic Dystopia” shot by Jackie Nickerson was another milestone on my fashion journey. She ran with my idea of shelter after the apocalypse (which looms over us all especially now as climate change impacts the planet). We were both so moved by the idea of making, of craft, of the irrepressible creative optimism that beats in all our hearts. Just as man has always made things—even in the dark of the Ice Ages—carving stones in the firelight, expressing everything that transfixed them in nature, an ochre paint stroke or a stitch patterning a sleeve.


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