The Marc Jacobs, Stutterheim Launch Two Sunny Raincoats

The Marc Jacobs and Swedish brand Stutterheim prove more than fair-weather friends.

When it rains, it pours. This week has seen back-to-back Marc Jacobs collabs: a pro-choice inspired hoodie collection starring Miley Cyrus, in addition to a new raincoat collaboration with Swedish brand Stutterheim. Fighting for women’s rights one day, and keeping us dry the next? Let’s just add MJ to the 2020 ballot.

Giving us Morton-Salt-Girl-but-make-it-luxury, The Marc Jacobs, the brand’s essentials line, and Stutterheim, known for its signature A-line Mosebacke coat, released vibrant yellow and pale pink takes on the classic fisherwoman silhouette—poppy contrasts to the raincoat maker’s quintessentially Scandinavian tagline, “Swedish melancholy at its driest.” Bespoke touches like an embossed “New York” logo and American and Swedish flags reflect the collaboration’s international flair. All you need is $450 and a chance of rain.

See the lookbook below.  



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