The Marías Drop New Track and Video “Care For You”

“I wait by the stairs for you, wrapped up in smoke, laughing alone.”

Snakes: visually stunning, dangerous up close. They’re quite like the girls featured in The Marías new video for song “Care For You.” The short film shows them dancing and lazing about the foothills of a rainforest, soaking wet with snakes tangled in their hair, as if mythical sirens from a long lost era.

The real inspiration for the video is much more grounded in reality. It is, in fact, the singers own attachment to Puerto Rico, where she grew up. “[My family] live in the mountains of Puerto Rico, where their houses are basically in the middle of the rainforest,” she said. “When I think of it, I can already smell the humid air – a mix of ripe mangoes, cilantro from my grandma’s kitchen and the rain falling to quench the thirst of the land. I haven’t been able to see any of my family since Covid hit, and this song instantly transports me there.”

“Care For You” is a slow, jazzy jam, both sensual and soothing. It follows the spring release of songs “Jupiter” and “Hold It Together.” “Baby I care for you/ So don’t make me go dancing alone/ I wait by the stairs for you/ Wrapped up in smoke, laughing alone” sings María, staring down the camera, seemingly completely at ease with her abundant musical capabilities and relaxed eroticism. As The Marías are sure to follow up these singles with more music, watch the new video for a taste of what’s to come.

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