The Mayflower Inn & Spa Invites You to Escape

The Mayflower Inn & Spa in Litchfield County has got everything you love about New England.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the bustling life of the city sits the Mayflower Inn & Spa, Auberge Resorts Collection. Nestled in the quaint town of Washington, Connecticut, the Mayflower Inn & Spa is all about that luxe New England charm. If you want a quick retreat to a pristine cultural hub, this sophisticated spot is for you.

After celebrating their centennial anniversary last year, the Inn went through a remodel, designed by Celerie Kemble transforming it into a sleek and cozy country house.
Amenities include a grand spa, striking garden, tennis courts, hiking trails and two exquisite restaurants.

A myriad of events and experiences are hosted each month under their Friends of Mayflower program, which partners with notable creatives for various programs. This month, Friends of Mayflower is featuring Garden Gastronomy with Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame. The concept of Garden Gastronomy revolves around a program that features unique culinary pairings that highlight locally sourced vegetables at the forefront, all curated by Chef-in-Residence April Bloomfield.

Each dish features produce grown from Mayflower Inn & Spa’s own La Grande Dame Chef’s garden and includes crisp kale and velvety squash to piquant peppers and fragrant thyme.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame champagne is included in the Garden Gastronomy meal experience at The Garden Room, as well as other Garden Gastronomy excursions whether it’s an open-air picnic or a walk through the Chef’s Garden.

“The idea of Garden Gastronomy became a constant source of inspiration, changing the narrative of vegetables and herbs as a supporting role,” says Chef Bloomfield. “La Grande Dame is the perfect pairing for these vegetable-forward dishes, and Veuve Clicquot is an ideal partner as a leader in innovation with a desire to explore new possibilities for the future of culinary pairings.”

Other exclusive experiences at the Mayflower Inn & Spa include The Well, which has partnered with New York City-based brand of the same name to offer hospitality-focused events within the spa.

If you’re looking to be one with nature again, and experience top-notch hospitality away from the city, the Mayflower is ready to welcome you with open arms. Find out more and book your stay on their website.

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