The Milan Runway Moonlights As A Rainy Parisian Cafe For The Debut Of K-Way’s Fall Winter 2023 Collection

The inimitable design house welcomed guests to settle into the essence of Café de la Paix, inviting all to visualize the origins of the rain jacket.

Born from a nostalgic memory evoked 58 years prior, the fashion house of K-Way transports an acute corner of Paris’ to the new BasicVillage of Milan, showcasing their latest Fall Winter 2023 Collection. Picture this. It’s a cold day in 1965 when Léon-Claude Duhamel is seated at Café de la Paix, people watching when suddenly a mother rushes past him with two children wearing red nylon jackets. An epiphany struck, and not long after, the packable rain jacket was born. An invention so influential, yet taken out of Duhamel identifying a need and letting his imagination do the rest before K-Way® soon became a statement in both French and Italian dictionaries.

In lieu of Duhmael’s intangible invention contrived nearly 58 years ago, the house of K-Way took the initiative to rebuild the exact scene for the present Milan Fashion Week. With woven white and green chairs and classic café tables featuring marble tops edged with gold installed directly from Café de la Paix, guests are transported to the historic rainy Parisian day that influenced fashion forever. Though it wasn’t just any runway show, the event consisted of a real-life interactive scene where guests were all active participants, and the catwalk was just an ordinary street. As models weaved in and out of the tables as the passers-by at Place de l’Opéra (the neighborhood of Cafe Paix) once did, K-Way had free reign to present their latest cutting-edge R&D collection.

Zeroing in on the most aesthetically advanced expression of K-Way conceptions, the collection featured modern interpretations of classics, including the bomber, puffer, and anorak jackets – varying from extra cropped to exaggerated proportions reminiscent of oversized capes. Bermuda shorts and trousers flaunt expansive billowing volumes and look flaunted in multiple layers, constructed with a practical attitude and an ever-playful spirit; initiating with temperature-regulating base layers and soft and lightweight vibrantly colored tops which rest beneath bold protective coats and jackets and a self-assured attitude.

Watch the full show below:

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