The Morbid Movie Men of Halloween

Drawing inspiration from “The Shining,” “The Purge,” and more, Doug Inglish and Nicola Formichetti create a spooky shoot riddled with horror.

All Hallow’s Eve brings with it the horrors and monsters that exist only in the shadows throughout the rest of the year—the vindictive, the vengeful, the murderous. Photographer Doug Inglish has collaborated with stylist Nicola Formichetti to bring a Halloween photoshoot of the creepiest villains and loveliest dangers of this year to life, inspired by iconic horror movie characters and 90s teenage angst.

“With COVID restrictions and guidelines changing the way we celebrate Halloween this year, I wanted to collaborate with photographer Doug Inglish to create our own Halloween party and photograph people that inspire me at the moment,” said Formichetti.

The models include Hunter Clem, Hunter Muns and twins Dre and Dreq Mitchell, who were all the inspiration behind their own respective looks in the shoot.

“With Hunter Muns, I loved his ’90s center parting when he arrived, so I imagined him as a Kurt Cobain meets Brad Pitt from Interview With a Vampire,” said Formichetti. “With the twins, I wanted to pay homage to something classic like The Shining and something more modern like The Purge meets apocalyptic punk.”

“Hunter Clem, who is my creative assistant, came up with the idea for this project from his love of Halloween so I wanted him to be a model in it as well,” Formichetti added. “He helped me cast for the characters that would really capture my interpretation for this Halloween shoot. For his look we did a nod to American Psycho where we took elegance combined with gore.”

View the images from the shoot below.

Dreq (left) wears pink wask by Conrad Muscarella
Jacket by Dust & Beau
Sweater by HEAVEN
Pants by AG Jeans
Dre (right) wears mask by Romain Thevenin
Jacket by Danielle Leigh Davis Designs
T-shirt by HEAVEN
Pants by Dust & Beau
Hunter Clem wears COACH trench jacket
Dsquared suit and shirt
Hunter Clem wears flannel shirt around the waist by DUST& BEAU
Custom printed shirt stylist’s own
Hunter Clem wears top by Local Boogeyman
Underwear by Calvin Klein
Mask stylist’s own
Hunter Clem wears top by Local Boogeyman
Underwear by Calvin Klein
Mask stylist’s own
Hunter Muns wears shirt and pants by AG jeans
Tee shirt by Local Boogeyman
Accessories stylist’s own
Hunter Muns wears full suit by Dsquared
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