The Museum of Sex Unveils Immersive Exhibiton: “Super Funland”

Step into the “Kissing Booth” and face your fate.

The notorious Museum of Sex, an experiential exhibition dedicated to the preservation of human sexuality’s history and cultural significance, is cutting the ribbon on its most immersive exhibition to date, Super Funland: Journey into the Erotic Carnival. Drawing on the decadent pleasures of carnivals and fairgrounds, this latest interactive experience reimagines the illicit thrills of traveling circuses and the World’s Fairs for a modern audience. 

Upon entering, you’ll first experience the living history of Al Stencell, a carnival enthusiast who “joined the circus” at age 11 and kept detailed documentation of the growing presence of burlesque, strip, and “girlie shows” among the community. Keep walking and you’ll enter an encapsulating 180-degree cinema, where a short film takes you through the history of carnivals and their growth in popularity over the years. Following the cinematic exhibition is a forty-foot kaleidoscope where six dioramas pay homage to signature bawdy moments from the World’s Fairs and Coney Island, both of which were coined as 19th-century meccas for hedonism. 

After experiencing the history of fairgrounds, the Super Funland truly lives up to its name. The exhibition features a 4-D ‘Tunnel of Love’ ride, an erotic fortune-telling machine modeled after RuPaul and styled by personal designer Zaldy, and a biometric “Kissing Booth” that exposes compatibility between partners with prizes—including one night in a hotel room and a $69-dollar shopping spree in the Museum shop. To finish off the Funland experience, an illuminated climbing structure leads to a plunging spiral side that whisks visitors into the Museum’s psychedelic carnival bar, Lollipop Lounge. 

It’s an experience you won’t forget. Take a look at imagery from the exhibition below. 

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