The Nail Colors To Don This Winter

Inspired by Pantone and classic fall colors, try out these shades.

We’re mere days from the leaves starting to turn their signature orange shades, if they haven’t already. And if you’re someone who likes to keep a fresh coat on your nails, it’s about time you switch up your shades as well. Inspired by the Pantone 2020 fall and winter palette, as well as some classic autumn colors, here are a few polishes to think about purchasing as the seasons shift.

OPI Mi Casa Es Blue Casa

Let’s start with the official Pantone color of 2020: Classic Blue. This is OPI’s offering towards that end, their Mi Casa Es Blue Casa ($13)  shade, and we’d say it’s a pretty good match. The hue is, as Pantone laid out, a classic. It also works for both fall and winter, so a bottle of this should last you through the rest of the year.

OPI Suzi Needs A Loch-Smith

We’re not entirely sure where they got the unique name, Suzi Needs A Loch-Smith ($6.50), though they say it’s reminiscent of a sunrise. That aside, the orange hue never seems out of place in a fall setting. Pumpkin patches, apple cider, camp fires, and autumnal leaves all harken back to the mainstay shade.

OPI Things I’ve Seen In Aber-Green

The last OPI color on our list, Things I’ve Seen In Aber-Green ($13) is one of the shades in OPI’s Scotland collection. The dark is perfect for day or night during the chillier seasons.

Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust

Tom Ford’s Bordeaux Lust ($37) is a deep, sultry red. Though red can certainly be worn year-round, once the weather turns cold, we typically darken our palette, reds accordingly. Tom Ford and a deep red screams luxury on luxury.

Nails.Inc South Beach

Nails.Inc’s South Beach ($9) is one of eight shades in their “Caught In The Nude” collection, inspired by nude beaches. Pick up the color that corresponds to your skin tone, or switch it up and grab the one that speaks to you. There’s no wrong way to go nude.

Nails.Inc Black Taxi

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black taxi stateside, but regardless, Nails.Inc’s Black Taxi shade ($15) is a true, opaque black. Go monochrome with a black head-to-toe look, or let bright clothing pop over this bold shade. Either way, black nails are no longer just for the goths.

Nails.Inc Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life ($11) is an orange-y yellow shade. Yellow has been popping up on nails everywhere, for those who are brave enough to hop on this unorthodox trend. Complete the look with smiley face nail art to show onlookers you are, in fact, living your best life.

Gucci Myra Crimson

Gucci’s Myra Crimson ($28) is part of the Vernis à Ongles collection, an ode to vintage hues. This true red oozes classic Hollywood beauty. It’s perfect year-round, but will definitely stand out against the gray, winter landscape.

Butter London Bang On!

When thinking of winter months, we think of blues and greys right? Well this deep teal adds a bit of warmth to that cold palette, while still sticking to the theme. Butter London’s Bang On! ($18) will pair easily with your winter wardrobe.

Butter London London Fog

Those Brits always seem to be on about the London Fog, and now they’ve even made a nail polish shade in its honor! Aptly titled London Fog ($18) is what Butter London refers to as a “stormy blue,” the perfect shade to help you battle through the murky weather.

ORLY Pine-ing For You

ORLY’s Pine-ing For You ($9.99) is a forest green shade, to remind you what color the trees used to be, or what color your Christmas tree will be (for those who celebrate). Either way, it’s a token of happy days, and a cute shade to boot!

ORLY Bronze Ambition

The last on our list, this metallic shade is the color of hot apple cider and burnt leaves. Bronze Ambition ($9.99) shimmers and soothes and is a perfect fall shade.

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