The New Age Paco Rabanne Girl for Pre-Fall 2023

Paco Rabanne Pre-Fall 2023 adds new facets to their traditional party-girl style

This time around Paco Rabanne finds inspiration from Paris’s fashion and culture in the 1980s. The brand mixes the contrast of different styles and occasions to make more of a flexible Paco Rabanne girl instead of the go-to night-out chainmail uniform. Much of the collection included pieces that can be paired to be acceptable for the day and the evening. It’s all about having variety in pieces and keeping the cool girl energy the brand represents continuous. 

Image Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

With Paris in mind for this collection, the glamorous, spunky, feminine, and edgy woman is seen throughout the looks giving the careless and effortlessly chic Parisienne style we recognize. Every piece is individualistic as each reveals a statement of its own like the hot red trousers, the velvet jersey sapphire blue tiger print dress, or the tiger print pants and blazer. Attention is meant to be grabbed with Paco Rabanne as the brand encourages embracing personal style and bold choices. 

Image Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

A key element in this Pre-Fall collection is the focus of looks being used as separates with high contrasts of cozy fall and winter wear along with disco attire. The silver chainmail top and matching headpiece worn with hunter-green cargo pants make it practical while simultaneously elevated enough to dress up. Another look that will usually be at odds with but clashes in a collaborative way is the Fair Isle patterned sweater coupled with an asymmetrical aluminum chainmail skirt. The look screams to those who see comfort as essential but want to pull out all the stops and be ready to go for a club moment. 

Image Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

The brand still presents full-out statement looks with the sexy yet playful blue and yellow combo pill assortment overlay to either send a message or simply be a novelty piece. Accessory pieces surely don’t go unnoticed as the collection includes Paco Rabanne’s signature 1969 micro chainmail bags varying in sizes as buckets or spheres, and color in emerald green as a first, and classic gold.

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