The New Creative Class: Anaa Nadim Saber

The New Creative Class: Anaa Nadim Saber

The New Creative Class: Anaa Nadim Saber

Photography: Courtney Yates

Styling: Jared Martell

Text: Brandon Tan

Introducing a new wave of creativity, where expression lies within screens and not walls, and breadths of work span all sorts of media from hair to CDJs. An extension of V117: The Discovery Issue, we tap into a cast of emerging creatives whose innovative forms of work pave way for a New Creative Class.

Anaa Nadim Saber is a self-titled "entrepreneur, creative consultant, editor and the founder of Our Second Skin." The list, impressive, still does not wholly embody the extent of her work. Though still in her early twenties, Saber has claimed to have already found her purpose. In what? you may ask. Well, she puts it quite simply: "For myself, creativity is an outlet of expression, it's something that gives me passion and a purpose."

Saber wears dress Discount Universe, jewelry talent's own

Evolving her personal blog into an overall media outlet with a focus in fashion, Saber found herself standing atop a mini empire. With just the tip of the iceberg exposed, she now sets out to unveil the rest of her creativity's potential. Having soft-launched her own "creative service platform," Our Second Skin Creative, last year, it's in 2019 that she plans her domination.

"This year, the new Our Second Skin website launches, which I've been working incredibly hard on, day and night, with my team to get it up and running. The new site will showcase OSS Creative's services and cultivate a community of creatives to work together in a plethora of ways. This year I'm focused on expanding my business and my team. We are working on some amazing projects to kick off the year and I'm really stoked for whats to come!"

Saber stands as a trailblazer in a number of ways. Redefining what it means to be "creative," she has understood the value of her passion and turned her creative pursuits into business opportunities. That said, in no way is she selling out. Also using her platform as a voice for marginalized communities, Saber has been vocal about her advocacy for representation, while also calling out the fetishizing tendencies of the industry's white gaze. Understanding the precarious intentions behind countless brands' push towards consciousness, authenticity stands as a pillar to Saber's ethos.

Saber wears eyewear Alain Mikli 'Madolyn', dress Discount Universe, jewelry talent's own



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