The New Creative Class: Blu DeTiger

The New Creative Class: Blu DeTiger

Photography: Courtney Yates

Styling: Jared Martell

Text: Brandon Tan

Introducing a new wave of creativity, where expression lies within screens and not walls, and breadths of work span all sorts of media from hair to CDJs. An extension of V117: The Discovery Issue, we tap into a cast of emerging creatives whose innovative forms of work pave way for a New Creative Class.

"In my head/In my head/The beat that's in my head" occupies my mind hours after playing. This could only be the work of Blu DeTiger: Disco funk icon on the rise. "In My Head" is the title of her first single, an undeniably catchy "tune".

DeTiger grew up playing bass guitar, under the eye of her artist parents, with New York City as her playground. In an environment fostering creativity, her active mind flourished.

Picking up DJing with her drummer-brother, Rex, DeTiger began playing bass over their DJ sets. Riffing off the disco tracks playing from their CDJs, she would pour out infectious funk from the strings of her bass guitar. In a short matter of time, DeTiger would find herself playing clubs that had once denied her entry for being underage.

Masterfully weaving together the two disciplines of music, DeTiger stands in uncharted territory; A serendipitous outcome for the young musician, but one that should be no surprise. Innovation, it seems, comes as a natural inclination to DeTiger, who defines her creativity as "building something up with different parts to make a new whole, or reframing and reimagining something to make it fresh." This approach, with evidence, has already proven fruitful to DeTiger's career, off to a promising start.

While also working on releasing her own music, DeTiger just embarked on tour with The Knocks. This is not her first time hitting the road, but is her debut as a solo artist.

As a pupil of the past and patron of the present, DeTiger forges the sound of the future. "I look at forms of art that were successful in the past, but I think it's important to know, understand, consume and actively engage with contemporary culture so whatever I create is not only an extension and progression of those before me, but also a response to what's going on in the present moment," she reveals of her creative process.

DeTiger wears eyewear Alain Mikli x Alexandre Vauthier 'Ketti', coat Miu Miu


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