Taking cues from the ocean and the people who live, work, and play by the seaside, Mark Kenly Domino Tan (MKDT) has crafted their SS24 collection to embody the beauty and strength of the sea. The collection’s silhouettes were inspired by 1920s and 1930s shapes, mixed with workwear and riviera attire.

Rather than creating pieces in obvious ocean greens and blues, MKDT aimed for a dry, tactile feel through the more subtle, sandy tones of the seaside. As part of its oceanic exploration, MKDT’s new collection embraces the raw beauty of the pearl, while celebrating the female Korean pearl divers, known as the Haenyo. 

The brand’s atelier collection is highlighted by pearl and beaded embroidery trickling across fabrics like water. Hand-stitched with extreme craft, over 4,300 of the finest Swarovski pearls and beads were used in the making of the collection. 

Aiming to evoke both salt and sea, scarves, collars, and raw hems complement and contrast both hard lines and soft silhouettes. Fabrics are deliberately light and linen to create movement and fluidity on and off the runway. The collection’s intentions are clear and concise throughout each look, as the pieces all look like they should be worn with lounging on a breezy seaside cliff.

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