The Perfect Single Staycation at the Soho Grand Hotel

Singles, here is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to spend Valentine’s day alone or at home. 

If you’re still not sure how to spend the day or night, V is going to give you the low-down on how to make it special for you and your crew. Welcome to the single girl’s staycation at the iconic Soho Grand Hotel. 

After a friendly check-in and getting settled into19th century artist’s loft-like room on the 15th floor, from the heart of Soho, I was welcomed with undisturbed views of the Empire State building– which made it all the more pleasant to sift through a heap of emails. 

A quick rainfall shower and eye mask were the perfect afternoon pick-me-up before linking with a friend at a boutique around the corner for their grand opening. With a lap around the collection and glass of Veuve Cliquot later, it was time to meet our girlfriends for dinner back at the bouttique hotel’s ‘50s inspired restaurant, the Soho Diner. Feeling like the movie set of Grease, oldies classics spun, and our server, who donned in a retro uniform, brought out filthy martinis and cabernet, while old and new friends caught up.

The menu sported old American classics with an eclectic spin on your run-of-the-mill cocktails and Valentine’s Day specials. Instead of a salad which might have been the go-to for date night, the girls opted for succulent wings, burgers with fries, and juicy steaks cooked to absolute perfection. 

We needed a minute to recoup and reapply our fading lipstick, so back to the room we went to dish on dating, work, and plans for the new year. After a spritz of Joe Malone’s Myrrh and Tonka, and a quick swipe of Makeup by Mario lipstick, we were off to the hotel’s other namesake restaurant and lounge The Grand Bar and Salon. The afternoon work crowd and laptops ceased to exist and instead, overflowed with New York Fashion Week’s elite models, influencers creatives bopping to lo-fi house amid the big leather couches. It was a welcomed scene with the ability to have a good time with your group but also the absolute possibility of flirting with someone new.

For a more uptempo vibe, across the corridor, party-goers danced in The Club Room which picked up as the clock struck midnight. 


After a solid nightcap, the king-sized bed and a bag of chips that awaited were better than any goodnight kiss we could have asked for. Find out more to book your stay at Soho Grand Hotel’s website. 



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