The Power in They: Aries x YOOX

The brands explore the power of gender neutral streetwear with the latest collection

They. A movement of freedom, of changing expression, of unashamed existence, is encapsulated in this single world. The notion of they is what motivates the collaboration between genderless streetwear brand Aries and YOOX. 

Visually, the capsule collection brings together the ideas of brothers, sisters, couples and friends – all wearing the same clothes without a care in the world for gender. Under the guise of the slogans “No Problemo” and “They Arise,” refined materials pair with more common fabrics, creating a mix-and-match of looks that speaks directly to the London-based brand’s identity. 

The 13-piece streetwear collection – which is available exclusively on YOOX – is tailored directly to Gen Z with its unisex garments and accessories. Sweatshirts meet baseball caps meet t-shirts and activewear comes to life. Iconic tie dye techniques enhance sweaters, trousers and shirts, all keeping in theme with gender neutrality. 

Aries’ philosophy prides itself on the belief that expressing yourself should never involve labeling yourself. With a constant push for avant-garde looks and a spirit of inclusivity, the collection looks to the future of fashion with hopeful eyes. 

Aries x YOOX will be available exclusively on YOOX starting March.

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