The Power of the Olfactory Experience: Locherber Milano Home Fragrance

Refresh your home with new scent

With brands, companies and destinations tapping into the power of an olfactory experience, the influence of fragrance continues to prove just how influential a smell can be. Used as a multi-sensory marketing tool, creating the right fragrance and environment can be crucial to connecting with consumers as a smell can create an emotional connection. As a fragrance has the ability to transport one to a place or time in history, facilitating an olfactory experience is an absolute must. For Italian-based luxury home fragrance brand Locherber Milano, designing an olfactory experience is something they’ve been familiar with for years. But it isn’t just their fragrances that have established them as an industry-leading home fragrance brand.

Under the umbrella of the Cosval Group, a long-standing family-owned Italian company that was formed almost 50 years ago in 1972, Locherber is one of the company’s younger brands having been established 15 years ago. Under the leadership Stefano and Brigitte of the Baerlocher family, Locherber Milano was designed as a way to convey luxury fragrances and home design all in one.

With a commitment to utilizing recycled materials like Venetiae driftwood or Banksia pine cones from Australia, Locherber Milano uses these salvaged components to design bottles and lids of their home fragrance products. In the interest of sustainability, the company is constantly looking for new ways and materials to incorporate into their brand. But what makes Locherber Milano more than just a standard-type home fragrance product is their understated design pieces, sourcing rare woods and lids from all over the World. With each bottle featuring a unique, one-of-a-kind design aspect, Locherber augments the design of one’s home with a design piece that stands on its own.

As for their fragrances, the company is known for sourcing the highest quality and most unique ingredients, ranging from linen buds from Italy, Dokki cotton from Egypt or even Malabar pepper from India. With a careful attention to detail, the brand creates the ultimate luxury olfactory experience by way of candles, stick diffusers, eau de parfums, and more. Delivering an olfactory experience as well as a design element, Locherber Milano finds the perfect balance between luxury, fragrance, design, and craftsmanship. To learn more about Locherber and their line of luxury home fragrances, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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