The PRISCAVera Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection is a Nod to Your Multiple Yous

Minimalism is the key to every occasion

The PRISCAVera Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection embraces the idea of multiple identities. Each piece is tailored to let its wearer move from one look to the next, or combine them according to personal taste. At the center of the collection, there is the brand’s eagerness to find common traits between empowerment, sensuality, and elegance–a combination of strengths that turn the PRISCAVera woman into a self-reliant and carefree creature.  

The first model walked down the runway clad in a black web of fabric. The look introduced the concept of “liquid armor”, which has been said to be the PRISCAVera mood of this season. The design is fluid, mixing elements of night and day, and allowing the PRISCAVera woman to transition between the two as she likes. Minimalistic top-and-pants sets, with white contrast stitches on the surface, are the translation of her night bossy attitude into the office.

Her metamorphosis continues with pieces that echo the same silhouettes and yet belong to different realms of the day. To underline their uniqueness and adapt them to the PRISCAVera woman’s needs, the brand relied on various textiles such as mesh, leather, denim, and flashes of velvet. Checkered patterns belong both to the dance floor and to the off-time attire, and the same goes for the striped fabrics. It’s a celebration of our various lives. “I can be the real me one day and the other me the next,” the PRISCAVera woman seems to be saying.

Leading the show there are hues of green, blue lilac, brick red, and ice gray. Pink does also find its way into the runway, with a series of semi-transparent liquid tops and slip dresses. Shaped corsets are paired up with low-rise pannier miniskirts for a more after-dark outfit, or with baggy trousers for off-time attire. The PRISCAVera life is forceful, driving you relentlessly from one event to the other. And yet, it is a life of discoveries, where expressing all of your true yous becomes possible.

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