The return of the Wolff’s

The New York-native brother duo drop “All Over You,” a refreshing new venture in their growing discography.

From music to film and back again, Nat and Alex Wolff have grown their artistry in the public eye. Introduced to us in 2005 as a rock band brother-duo on Nickelodeon’s “The Naked Brothers Band,” the Wolff brothers have come a long way since their children’s show debut. From award-winning feature films to buzzworthy starring roles, Nat and Alex have racked up accolades along the way. After two years since their last musical release, “Glue,” Nat and Alex have returned to the studio to craft up their latest single, “All Over You.” 

The single blends genre lines and tells a tale as old as time, describing the falling for a lover’s every small detail and quirk. As the elder Nat describes, “All Over You” plays out like “the tune you put on the night before you leave town when you’ve just fallen in love,” speaking from personal experience. “In this song, I was reflecting on the perfect month we had just had, the possible trials and tribulations of the future ahead, and not wanting to let go,” says Nat. “It started as a ballad on the piano, but once I brought it to my brother Alex and we started playing it together, it took on a whole other dimension and energy.”

Gearing up to release their sophomore album, “Table for Two,” at the beginning of 2023, the Wolff Brothers spotlight their mature new sound in the Prince-inspired track, only a preview of what’s to come. 

Listen to Nat and Alex Wolff’s newest single “All Over You.”

V MAGAZINE: Hey Nat and Alex! Congrats on the latest single! Can you tell me about the inspiration behind “All Over You?”

NAT WOLFF: It was a song I wrote at 3 AM when I had just fallen in love with someone I wouldn’t see for four months. It was right after we said goodbye, and I ran right to the piano and the song fell out. The voice memo which we’re including on the album, had a melancholic feel but when I sent it to Alex, he said this is a catchy bop. 

ALEX WOLFF: Musically, it was about finding something rich and dynamic with many different layers. We want to make songs you can drink tequila or whiskey to. And I think this does both. 

V: What was the production process like making this latest single?

AW: It’s a fusion of a lot of our influences in one track. It’s really funky and Prince-inspired with its spare, crunchy-retro production. We never say “no” very much in the studio. It’s a lot of running around and chasing inspiration, then tossing out half of it and then adding new inspiration. I like the idea that a track’s never totally “finished” with us, it just sort of naturally evolves into the right thing for us, sometimes out of nowhere. 

NW: There was a lot of running from the control room into the tracking room at full speed. “Wait!!!!! Let’s try this!” 

V: When you collaborate musically, are there certain specific strengths (lyricism, melody writing, etc) that each brother brings to the table? What are they?

AW: I bring the mole.

NW: I think it changes from song to song. We’ve been playing music together since we were little babies so it’s pretty seamless.   

V: The sound of your discography can vary so much and as true artists, it sounds like you guys are constantly evolving and exploring your musicality. That being said, how do you guys balance creating music that your fans want to hear with creating music for yourselves? 

NW: I think we just follow our noses and try to go with the wave and not worry about the reaction so much. But it was impossible for me not to imagine our fans in Los Angeles listening to this song while driving down the PCH. 

AW: I think fans of our music like hearing different sides of us. I get bored when bands do the same thing. I want to keep re-painting ourselves, and doing it sincerely and 100% until we’re bored of that and go on to the next. 

V: Looking ahead, do you have any musical projects on the horizon that you could share with us?

AW: We have this record “ Table For Two” and if you don’t listen, we cry. So that’s on your conscience. 

NW: What he said.

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