The Runways Prove Socks are Fashion’s New Favorite Accessory

From ankle-length to knee-high, socks dominated the runway this season and Hysteria by Happy Socks has the stock to provide.

Plenty of new and emerging trends hit the runway this season, from animal prints to oversized coats and beyond. One accessory that’s having its day in the sun is socks. Whether they’re worn with heels, booties, or layered over tights, FW19 proves that socks are fashion’s favorite new accessory, and have the ability to make or break any ensemble. New lines like Hysteria by Happy Socks are turning their attention towards the often-overlooked accessory, making an added statement to footwear. In an interview with V, Paula Maso, Associative Creative Director at Happy Socks, told us a little bit about the work they do and the burgeoning sock phenomenon:

What makes Happy Socks unique from other brands? 

Our bold approach to color and pattern! We’re never afraid to stand out from the crowd and love giving people the opportunity to be playful and creative with their look. Since the launch of Happy Socks 10 years ago, we’ve also expanded with other product lines that use those same principles but in different qualities and style, like Hysteria, our fancier sister who loves socks and sandals and manages to pull it off.

Where is the line between functionality and style when it comes to socks? 

This is our daily struggle, because as much as we want to use all the colors of the rainbow and very intricate patterns, there is the reality of stretch and comfort, which we also place just as high as our aesthetic expression. Finding the perfect balance between an eye-catching design and a wearable piece that feels great is our everyday job and we love striving for that.

What larger role do socks play in the realm of fashion? 

Socks are a great entry-level product into larger trends. You might not be willing to put on a full leopard coat on, but leopard-print socks are great. It’s a low-commitment item that has allowed people all over the world to become more creative with their outfit and hopefully empower them and make them feel happier 🙂

Hysteria SS19

How was the brand evolved over the years, up until this moment and season?

The brand has transformed and grown incredibly fast, allowing us to partner with some of the biggest names in fashion, music and art, just to name a few, but luckily we’re a brand that has always stayed true to our design DNA, always spreading happiness and color in whatever we do. Our assortment has grown and our design have broadened, allowing us to offer a large range of designs, from geometric to novelty, and adding product segments like the aforementioned Hysteria or Dressed, which is our tailoring sock concept.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background before Happy Socks? 

I’m Paula Maso, Creative Lead at Happy Socks, making sure our creative expression stays strong and consistent, from product design to campaign imagery, for example. I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but have been happily living in Stockholm for 5 years now, and my background is really mixed, working as a fashion photographer in my early years, transforming into textile design for womenswear, and then into art and creative direction.

Inspired by their work and the growing sock trend, we looked at the most recent runway looks making socks the main event.

Gucci FW19

In typical Gucci fashion, attendees of their Milan show witnessed a bold combination of argyle knee socks, wine lace tights, and a pair of kneepads. This look is certainly out-of-the-box in regards to everyday wear, but the inspiration to layer hosiery is everything.

Gucci FW19

Anna Sui FW19

At Anna Sui, short fuzzy ankle socks topped off many a look. The subtle accessories completed tweed skirt suits and added a pop of sweet sophistication to Kaia Gerber’s iconic puffer jacket look. When paired with a layered dress and heels, socks scream sophistication — and protect your feet from the harsh winter chill.

Anna Sui FW19

Miu Miu FW19

Socks were the standout accessory of this spectacular show. The thigh-high length of these socks makes them the perfect addition to a dress or skirt ensemble, while the playful floral print will certainly turn heads.

Miu Miu FW19

If you’re looking to rock the sock trend for yourself, look no farther than accessories brand Happy Socks, and their Hysteria Collection, inspired by fashion trends circulating across the globe. In a power move for perhaps the world’s first high-fashion sock brand, Happy Socks’ Spring/Summer 2019 line of neon, pastel, and patterned socks begs to be layered under heels, brogues, and chunky boots. To shop the entire line, visit Happy Socks.

Hysteria by Happy Socks
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