The Sexy Body Issue: Adriana Lima

The Sexy Body Issue: Adriana Lima

The Sexy Body Issue: Adriana Lima

Photography: Mario Sorrenti

Styling: Andrew Richardson

Text: Derek Blasberg

DEREK BLASBERG What’s the first thing you think of when I say the word sexy?

ADRIANA LIMA My husband!

DB Who do you think is the sexiest woman?

AL Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest. She was very feminine and confident with a touch of innocence.

DB Who is the sexiest man?

AL Of course my husband! Because he is very smart, he makes me laugh, and I love how athletic and energized he is all the time.

DB In your life, when have you felt the sexiest?

AL Right after I had my beautiful daughter, Valentina.

DB What is your definition of sexy? Is it only physical?

AL To me, it is all about confidence in yourself both physically and mentally. But you also have to have a slightly playful attitude about everything.

DB Some people say showing skin is sexy, others say leaving something to the imagination is sexier. What do you think?

AL Both can be sexy, but I still think sexy is really not about what you expose. It’s about how you say and do things and the attitude!

DB What’s the sexiest thing in your closet? And when do you wear it?

AL Lingerie...morning, afternoon, and night.

DB Who is the sexiest designer?

AL Riccardo Tisci, definitely.

DB Can anyone be sexy?

AL I think it’s like charisma—in many cases you have to be born with it.

DB What tips would you give someone on being sexy?

AL Have confidence, attitude, but mostly be yourself. Be unique!

Credits: Makeup Diane Kendal (Art + Commerce)  Hair Recine (The Wall Group)  Manicure Honey using TNU (Exposure)  Lighting technician Lars Beaulieu  Photo assistant Johnny Vicari  Digital technician Heather Sommerfield  Stylist assistants Connie Berg, Abigail Wald, Karin Öström  Makeup assistants Karan Franjola and Frankie Boyd Hair assistant Tristan Waikong  Casting Natalie Joos  Production Katie Fash and Steve Sutton  Set design Philipp Haemmerle  Set design assistants Alois Kronschlaeger  Stephan Georges  Tonito Santos  Whitney Hellesen  Catering Sexy Feast  Printing Bo


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