The Smith Sisters Stop By V

The Smith Sisters Stop By V

The Smith Sisters Stop By V

Text: Ian David Monroe

Here’s a tip: don't try to break the ice with two underage Mormons by explaining your favorite drinking game. Unless of course they happen to be Pyper America and Daisy Clementine Smith, in which case they’ll happily listen, so as not to highlight your ignorance. Such was the case when the two model sisters stopped by the Voffice after a long day of castings.

Officially, they were visiting as models, but as members of social media’s favorite family, they’re so much more. Both of their Instagram accounts—each with hundreds of thousands of followers—are full of photos with their sister Starlie Cheyenne, and brother, breakout male model of the year, Lucky Blue. Like a modern dayPartridge Family, they perform as The Atomics, a surf rock band they formed before all of their recent buzz began.

Below, we chat with the two sisters about growing up groovy, modeling for Moschino, and what their biggest dreams are.

Pyper, what was it like shooting with Annie Leibovitz for the Moncler campaign?

PYPER AMERICA She was really cool. After the first shot, she was clapping and gave me a hug. We shot in Iceland. It was so beautiful. She should shoot [our] band.

Was there anything particularly surprising about your first runway show?

PA I really did think I would trip. I’m such a clumsy person, naturally… always losing my balance when I’m just standing. So I guess I was surprised I didn’t mess up in some way. It’s also surprising to find out what shows you book—you really can’t guess.

Did you book a show that you weren’t expecting to get? 

PA I booked the Moschino show, which I wasn’t expecting, but I did have fun at the casting. I guess they liked my personality. Carlyne [Cerf de Dudzeele] was so nice. She was like laughing, [but] then would say walk!

Does music end up taking a back seat to all of the other things you’re doing? 

PA A little bit.

DC It really just depends on the time of year. I think if we [wanted it to] modeling could take a back seat and [we could] just go all out with music.

How often are you all in the same spot?

DC Never.

What music has been the biggest influence on the band?

DC I’d say The Ventures. Number one, because I play guitar and it’s so guitar-based. Number two, because that’s where it all started—we grew up playing that sort of music, and doing Ventures covers.

How did you start listening to that kind of music? 

DC My dad used to play us surf music all the time in our car seats. Then, when we all got instruments for Christmas, we were trying to figure out what songs to play together. Surf music is really good because it’s good for your left and right hand when learning to play the guitar.

PA Yeah, [our] dad taught us all how to play music. He grew up being in bands. He’s kind of like our band director.

Are your parents freaked out at all by the social media hype surrounding you guys?

PA They’re not freaked out, they’re supportive. 

DC My dad thinks the things that girls comment on Lucky’s pictures are hilarious. He laughs his head off.

What do you think of people calling your brother a heartthrob? PA It weirds me out when my friends are telling me how hot my brother is and when people ask if they can marry him. Like, I know my brother is cute, but please talk about this without me. I can’t give input. I just had no idea he would ever be…

DC He’s just like the boy who leaves his socks everywhere, and you make him waffles every morning.

There’s obviously a strong family resemblance between both of you and your siblings, but how do you all differ?

PA We all have different life goals. Right now we’re doing the same jobs: music and modeling, but we all have different ideas for our future. I want to act, and be in movies until I’m really old. Daisy wants to be a supermodel, and have a makeup line, and be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Starlie has always wanted to be a famous singer. Lucky is kind of similar to me. He wants to be in movies, and do band stuff, too. But we have different personalities. I’d say Daisy is the smart/logical one.

DC I’m such a mom. Pyper is the comedian of the family and Lucky’s just like a little brother—he teases you. Lucky always says he wants to play in sold out stadiums.



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