The Sound of Chanel: November Playlist

The playlist you never knew you needed.

We know Chanel as one of the most iconic fashion brands of all time. Combining elegance and grace with an alternative aesthetic, The Sound of Chanel playlists’ exhibits an identical ideology through modern music.

As of February of 2018, Chanel teamed up with Apple Music to release the brand’s favorite sounds to a wide audience. “The Sound of Chanel,” started as a playlist of Chanel’s runway show soundtracks, where the brand partnered with artists such as Pharell, Ibeyi, Caroline De Maigret, and Sebastian Tellier to curate the songs. Since their first drop, the playlist has become popular worldwide, with Pharrell Williams as the house ambassador, dropping new tracks each month.

The November playlist launched early this month and includes Pop, R&B, Alternative and Electronic type music. The artist range is vast, showcasing classics from Liza Manelli, hit favorites from Lana Del Rey and new dance music from HAIM. The Sound of Chanel has a song for just about everyone and the playlist makes listeners feel as though they are at the latest runway show.

Streaming on Apple Music, listen to the tracks here.


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