The Swarovski x Rosenthal Signum Collection Shines A Light on Crystal Living

Geometric lines and candy colors evoke a playful sophistication in the new Signum Collection.

Make room for Swarovski at the dining table, the Austrian brand’s world of crystal grows with the launch of the new Signum Collection, created in partnership with world-renowned porcelain artisan, Rosenthal. With this collection, artistry meets imagination. A fusion of porcelain and crystal is imagined in various vivid colors that deliver pure joy and celebrate the art of setting the table.

With the help of the porcelain experts from Rosenthal, Swarovski’s Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert, thoughtfully designed and developed each piece to highlight moments of joy while simultaneously showcasing the heritage and craftsmanship of two innovative brands.

“With this collection, we offer a new way of embellishing your daily life. Just like we are adorning ourselves with jewelry, we get the joy from decorating our lives through this whimsical yet elegant collection of porcelains that adorn our tables,” states Giovanna Engelbert.

Swarovski introduces their new brand pattern for the first time with the Signum collection. Using a translation of the brand’s octagonal motif and signature colors, the collection offers a fresh approach to art, craftsmanship, and a sense of modern sophistication for the table. Including tea sets, espresso sets, and complete dining services, the versatility of this collaboration is further echoed by offering the opportunity to curate your own tablescape to radiate a sense of diverse, contemporary cool.

Whether it’s tea time or you’re preparing a feast for your loved ones, the Signum collection is designed to add a sense of wonder to your meal and offer a fresh approach to modern living. Shop the Signum collection here.

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