The Thought Leaders Issue: Bella Hadid

The Thought Leaders Issue: Bella Hadid


The Thought Leaders Issue: Bella Hadid

The model on civil duty, social justice, and having uncomfortable conversations.

The model on civil duty, social justice, and having uncomfortable conversations.

Photography: Inez & Vinoodh

Text: Czar Van Gaal

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“Voting is a right we have as part of a democracy. It is a freedom that many people in this world do not have, so being able to use our vote to help individuals and communities across America is a right we should all exercise. [I am voting to] represent the younger generation. We all have a lot to say and want to be as vocal as possible—[voting] is how we can put our thoughts into action and see the changes we want to see. [We should all] vote as if the issues presented to us [as a society] are personal to us. Individually, it may seem like your vote isn’t that important—but this isn’t true. Every vote really does count, and will contribute to seeing the outcome that you want to see in this next election. Use your rights to make an informed decision that you believe will help your community, and every other community in America.

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“In order to fight for social justice on a personal level, you have to remind yourself constantly that not everyone will agree with you, but it is still worth it to push forward and have those uncomfortable conversations. It’s about the greater good, always, whether it shows short-term or long-term effects. There will always be opposing views, [but] keep going! I feel it’s also important to check in with your family, friends, and peers, to see how they are affected by [social issues]. If we all make an effort to help lift each other up, it can make a huge difference in someone’s ability to process social issues. A few people that come to mind [when I think of Thought Leaders] are Cleo Wade, Symone Sanders, Tamika Mallory, Indya Moore, and Janaya Future Khan.

“I encourage people to continue addressing and discussing the social issues they are passionate about, on a regular basis. [Now], more than ever, we are seeing that we have the ability to make change, whether it be in an election year or not. Whatever the outcome of the upcoming election, we have much more work to do, and [more] change to see happen. As part of the younger generation of voters, I feel a responsibility to keep these important conversations going and take action however I can, for our future.”


Credits: VLM Studio Kim Pollock (Agent) Jodokus Driessen (Lighting director) Marc Kroop (Studio manager) Brian Anderson (Digital technician) VLM Productions Tucker Birbilis (Producer) Eva Harte (Production coordinator) John Nadhazi (Production manager) Joe Hume (Photo assistant) Retouching Stereohorse


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