The Thought Leaders Issue: Megan Rapinoe

The Thought Leaders Issue: Megan Rapinoe

The Thought Leaders Issue: Megan Rapinoe

The soccer player on civil liberties, institutionalized racism, and self-care.

The soccer player on civil liberties, institutionalized racism, and self-care.

Photography: Inez & Vinoodh

Text: Kevin Ponce

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“I believe voting is part of a deep responsibility each of us have to make this country better. Every right and liberty [that] I enjoy has been voted into law. Now those of us who have those rights must [also] vote in the interest of others. The world I want to live in is not reflected in our government officials and that needs to change. This election is a choice between democracy or autocracy. There is no other reason I need to vote in November.

“I’ve been having discussions with George Gascón, who is running for District Attorney in Los Angeles, and ultimately endorsed his campaign. And as our nation continues to reckon with institutionalized racism, especially the impact of the criminal justice system, we need to focus on changing who is in power. It is never only about the presidency.

“These elected officials are often largely ignored and need to be held accountable [for their actions]. There are so many incredible people leading the way for us, who have been doing the work for many decades. Patrisse Cullors, Janaya Future Khan, Tarana Burke, Alicia Garza, and many other women and gender-expansive thinkers have broadened my world view and my approach to fighting for true equality in this country.

“It feels like a never-ending onslaught on our democracy. [To watch] who is getting confirmed to lifetime appointments in the courts and the attack on our postal service are a couple [of issues] that definitely has me losing sleep. [Yet, I remain hopeful these days] because I have to—because my life, and so many other lives, depend on it. [Aside from this], I also take time to celebrate the little moments and victories. We are making progress, but we must continue.

“The fatigue will come, of course, and that is ok. We all need to prioritize self- care, resting, and recharging. While some of us rest, some of us will have to work. But together, we [must] all continue to fight! We have to be committed to making the world a better place for all each and every day. From the simplest to the most complex of issues, there is always something each and every one of us can do [to foment positive change].”


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