The Thought Leaders Issue: Paperboy Prince

The candidate for U.S. Congress and community organizer on marginalization, political representation, and spreading love.

This article appears in V127’s Thought Leaders Issue, available for pre-order now.

“Paperboy is all about spreading love to the people. Creating community and inspiring those who feel like they’re left out or they’ve been forgotten or outcast. The political world is interested in keeping people asleep and disinterested. People like me, wake the people up. We rally them; we get them excited. We educate them in a futuristic way, and that’s [the political world’s] biggest fear. There’s been many times throughout history where people who do that are targeted, defamed, or attacked. That’s why the message for me is spreading love, helping others, and having fun. Because when you’re doing that, it inspires other people to do the same.

“I decided to run for office because people weren’t being represented by actual people that live their lives. Politicians were regulating businesses, despite never having run a business. They were regulating our schools, but their kids don’t go to public school. And they were regulating our streets, but they’re not in the streets. So for me as someone who is an entrepreneur, artist, activist, community member, futurist, and creative, I feel like my voice and our voices are so important. Right now, the creatives’ voices aren’t being heard. It’s so many of the same type of people—the type that just wants to check boxes off on their resumé and run the world. And [they’re] not the type that really takes in life, appreciates family and community in a real way, and thinks outside the box.

Paperboy wears top Megan O’Cain, watches Pasha de Cartier, rings Cartier, all other jewelry his own

“For me, fashion is a way to throw a wrench in the matrix. How you express yourself in fashion also relates to how you think—in the boardroom or in the streets or in the community. If you don’t limit your fashion, you won’t limit your thinking. I try to live with limitless fashion and consistently create things that challenge my thoughts of what I can wear and what other people accept.

“I’m voting because we gotta spread love. We gotta represent our community. We gotta make sure our voices are heard because most of the time, a lot of us don’t actually get out and vote. With that and all the other work we’re doing in the streets, change is gonna happen.”


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