V127: The Thought Leaders Issue With Saad Amer

The founder of Plus 1 Vote on the power of voting, inspiring young activists, and pushing both personal and policy platforms.

V127’s Thought Leaders Issue is available for pre-order now.

“Voting is our power to fundamentally change the course of what is happening in this country. Every vote matters from a local level, all the way to the presidency. Our turnout defines who represents us on every major issue. Voting is important because it allows you to make sure that you are represented in this system. One vote can determine the difference between having politicians in power who are out for their own self-interest, and having politicians who are genuinely trying to make a difference. What’s been so magical about creating Plus 1 Vote, is that it’s all about tapping into people and communities that you already know. I think that activism is as simple as starting conversations with the people around you.

“I draw the most inspiration from the young activists across this country who I’ve witnessed their futures robbed from them as a result of things like climate change. Also seeing their presence robbed from them as a result of gun violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, and coronavirus. The young people across this country banding together to mobilize, to march, to vote are the ones who are the moral compass of our society and ultimately have the ability to alter the course of what is happening in this country. It is young people who are more in tune and more connected than anyone else with what’s happening. I look to my peers for inspiration of where we need to stand on a lot of these issues.

“Everybody has a platform, and we have to utilize whatever tools we have at our disposal to speak out on the causes that we care about. The only reason we’re paying attention to major issues that have been traditionally swept away and overlooked is because we have so many people using their own personal platforms to talk about these issues so that there is a demand to take action. Now we’re right before the election, we really have an opportunity to take action and use our power.

“The work does not stop on November 3. There are policy platforms we need to push. There are voting rights we need to restore. For me, the work is and always has been where we can have the most impact for the communities that need the most representation. And that’s where we’ll be after November 3, fighting for every voice to be heard and for every vote to be counted.”


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