The greatest secondhand shopping in the age of the e-store

The greatest secondhand shopping in the age of the e-store

Text: Brandon Tan

From a first-hand account on secondhand shopping, brick-and-mortar vintage has run its course. Though cute in 2012, we briskly approach a new decade and with it, the turn of an epoch in irresponsibly spending one’s hard-earned cash money.

In the age of the e-store, foraging for supplies of Supreme or Tom Ford-era Gucci has transcended the streets and hit the sites. With respect to eBay, the original who set precedence to this commercial phenomenon, the virtual marketplace has undergone considerable renovation with renderings in luxury consignment and more recently, apps—to my obsession's delight, but pocket's demise.

With the massive push towards vintage e-commerce, there seems to already be an oversaturation of shops in the digital sphere, because capitalism is an impressive being whose work never ceases. For that reason, I round up the greatest digital retailers of the castoff and consigned.


Where to begin... This buy-and-sell app—my keeper of sanity and backer in vanity—is crack. I bear no shame in my addiction to Depop, because its marketing team is really good at convincing millions of shopaholics that we're all "community-building". It also soothes the conscience that you can sell a thing or two before spending the earned balance on what, but more clothes!? With a rise in even famous Depop-ers and influencers, the platform has adapted Instagram's viral success into a shoppable terrain.


From the most covetable of vintage Chanel to Prada that walked this season's runway, The Real Real is your reliable source. Hosting a team of closet-purgers, otherwise referred to by the company as "luxury consignment officers," TRR shops top closets across the country, authenticating each piece before allowing the public to get its greedy hands on the consignments.


Heroine is Grailed's answer to the female hype beast, and like its valiant tag, the site will save the day by way of rare Raf and sought-after Céline. That's right, the old Céline—accent aigu and all. The site includes personal shops for users to sell through, too, and caters to a shopper that knows what they're looking for. So if you've been searching for a piece by that obscure Japanese streetwear designer, Heroine is your best bet.


This rising star in second-hand shopping shares a focused edit, but a very wide selection. Centered strictly on luxury handbags, Rebag boasts an impressive, extensive, boundless, sweeping sea of purse offerings from the minaudière to the messenger. If you have your glossy eyes on a particular pouch, be sure to scan their site before committing to its retail price tag.


Though its branch of vintage is largely unexplored relative to its prospering sector of new fashions, Farfetch is not a shop to sleep on. Sourcing its stock from physical retailers across the globe, its assortment is endless and its service, reliable. The online retail giant basks in its innovation and continues to be one of my trusted destinations for cyber-stalking pieces until I can proceed to checkout.


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