Copenhagen Fashion Week saw an exciting mix of talent and design, as new designers showcased their work along with more established Brands.

At the top of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s to-do list is making the event more sustainable, according to CEO Cecilie Thorsmark. “It’s not an issue that can be solved with a simple flick of the wrist, but I believe that it’s our duty as a leading player in the fashion ecosystem to take a thorough look at how Copenhagen Fashion Week can serve to benefit the fashion industry’s sustainability agenda to the greatest extent possible” Along with sustainability another goal is to showcase the best emerging and existent talent. We take a look at the top 5 runway shows from CFW (Copenhagen Fashion Week).



Stand was founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014 from the idea to meet a demand for expertly designed, high fashioned leather pieces at an accessible price. Since then the brand has expanded to deliver seasonal collections mainly in leather, but also pieces in suede, fur, wool and faux fur.Stand presented a collection that was full of beautiful coats and jackets, from patchwork leather, to green leopard print and, multicolored faux furs. Stand also presented metallic looks in green and blue, variations of snakeskin were seen in coats, skirts and a purple jumpsuit with a neckline that was trimmed with black lace. Looks of all leather were adorned with bright floral patterns. The collection was fresh and modern and accessorized with suede and fur handbags.


Rotate Birger Christensen are a Copenhagen-based brand from Birger Christensen in partnership with Danish stylists Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars. The company specializes in dresses and the duo often design in response to there own wardrobe, they create ‘the pieces they dream of having’. The show started with two striking looks, bold cocktail dresses one in canary yellow and, the other metallic pink, both felt extremely modern but had an 80’s vibe. These looks were mixed with softer pieces like a lightweight floral maxi dress and coral wrap dress. Other standout looks were the patterned spaghetti strap mini dress and a baby pink textured dress with an extra high leg slit. Another successful look was the double breasted black coat dress. The show was a mix of hard and soft, there was texture and color throughout.


‘Emilie Helmstedt’s universe is colorful and playful. The concept is rather simple, refining luxurious loungewear and bringing it out of the bedroom. Helmstedt’s counts her inspiration loungewear from the 1930’s and 50’s’ along with the painter Poul Gernes. “comfort is key” said helmstedt before continuing “My dream is to merge art into clothing building up my universe slowly. I don’t work with trends. I work with my emotions and impulses. I follow my intention my vibrations and the colors leads the way”.The show was dreamlike. Helmstedt presented a dreamscape of silk pajamas in pastel, candy colors of pinks, blues, yellows and white. One of the most striking looks was the pink and white pyjamas. The show also featured abstract surface designs and painted fabrics that resembled illustrations. Other looks featured contrast pockets, pant cuffs and stripes of various colors travelling in multiple directions.


Cecilie Bahnsen is a luxury clothing label. There collections combine couture craftsmanship with sculptural silhouettes, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. Each look is handmade with traditional techniques, intricate detailing and uniquely designed fabrics to present a timeless expression of modern femininity.The collection was modern, sophisticated yet girly and playful. Bahnsen played with the volume of sleeves and the lengths of hems. White and black featured strongly, along with floral prints and yellow flowers embellished onto tonal dresses. Texture and transparency created interest amongst the white and black pieces, even though the color pallet was constricted each piece felt individual. Intricate lacework also featured in the show as did quilted fabrics in the form of dresses and coats.


Résumé was founded in 2017 by two sisters, Anne Louise Faurholt and Emma Lohmann. ‘The brand offers contemporary fashion with consistent focus on quality and price. Résumé is a brand that dares to play with colors, shapes and prints’.The show had a edgy streetwear vibe, sportswear pieces such as sweatpants were mixed with  more feminine pieces. There was a nod to the 80’s and 90’s with the silhouettes and styling. The colour pallet was chartreuse and aubergine mixed with pinks, oranges, whites and sage green. The show featured prints, iridescent silver and a modern take on camo’. Standout pieces were a purple jacket and purple A-line skirt with an exposed zipper, orange and pink snakeskin pants and matching long sleeved top worn under a hot pink negligee/dress. The show also had a demure moment with a short flowy dress in white with a sage green, plaid print. Other great moments came from a yellow jumpsuit, silver quilted coat with a soft pink collar, and a light grey plaid jacket with cinched waist worn over black cycle shorts. 

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