The Vanity Of Arca

The Vanity Of Arca

Text: Ian David Monroe

The latest video from Alejandro Ghersi, aka Arca, for track “Vanity,” plays out like voyeuristic, P.O.V. look into the intimate life of the artist. It’s similar to his previous visual offerings for “Soichiro” and “EN,” also tracks from Mutant, except this time he’s not alone. A hand belonging to photographer Daniel Sannwald appears early on and interlaces with Ghersi’s, effectively breaking the fourth wall, and plunging the viewer into the scene. Ghersi dives too, but into a pool and a bed. Closely cropped scenes of him twisting parallel the undulating electronica of the song. The real allure of Arca—his impressive musicality aside—is his blend of masculinity and femininity. The vulnerability that emerges in these moments stands in stark contrast the aggressive sounds of “Vanity.”

Along with the video, Arca announces a DJ set in New York on December 3. The event will be hosted by Ian Isiah and will include music by Shane Oliver, the designer behind Hood By Air and one-half of ghe20g0th1k. Order tickets here.


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