Wallows Offer New Song To New Voters

Wallows are giving out new song “Bad Remake” to fans who register to vote.

Wallows, the boys famous for asking “Are You Bored Yet?” have a new question for fans: are you registered yet? In support of National Voter Registration Day, Wallows are partnering with HeadCount to offer an exclusive new track in exchange for proof of voter registration.

The track is titled “Bad Remake,” and is the last unreleased song from the band’s debut album “Nothing Happens” sessions. It comes on the heels of their latest release, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” and their upcoming quarantine EP, “Remote,” out Oct. 23.

HeadCount is a nonprofit organization working with musicians to encourage fans to participate in the democratic process. Through the Wallows’ link, fans can register, check their voter status, as well as learn more about all of their candidates and elected officials. It’s a powerful tool that brings voters one step closer to empowered decision making.

If you would like to learn more about voting check out our V Is For Vote page. If you’d like to hear Wallows’ new track, head over to HeadCount, and do so quickly as it’s a one-day-only offer!

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