The Weeknd Drops New Single “Heartless”

And more new music in his first solo debut since last year

The Weeknd is back and embracing the single life more than ever. The artist took to Twitter last night to release the new track on breakups and thriving with your single self.

The Weeknd first began teasing of new music earlier this week tweeting that “the fall begins tomorrow” and then announcing, “Tonight we start a brain-melting psychotic chapter let’s go.” Additionally, he included a snippet of a new song “Blinding Lights” which soundtracks a Mercedes-Benz advertisement that Tesfaye appears in. Mercedes-Benz announced the full film for the advertisement is set to launch on November 29th.

But the moody R&B track isn’t all The Weeknd has in-store in the upcoming year. The artist will additionally appear in the Safdie Brothers’ new film Uncut Gems in theaters December 13th in his inaugural Hollywood role. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on the album release.

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