The Zilver SS20 Epitomizes Geminis

The Zilver SS20 Epitomizes Geminis

The Zilver SS20 Epitomizes Geminis

Photography: Hugo Comte

Text: Cullen Ormond

Geminis, we know them, we love them. They are easy-going, adventurous and can quickly adapt to new situations. And now, Pedro Lourenço, creative director of Zilver, has fashioned a Spring/Summer 2020 collection in the air sign’s honor.

The Gemini Collection, which follows Zilver’s debut ‘Aries’ and secondary ‘Taurus’ collections, takes all the characteristics of the astrological sign and brings them alive intangible pieces.

He created the collection with fluidity in mind. What is now a trench coat can instantly become a suit jacket because of special zips that line the back. Several of the pieces can become something new, something shiny, at a moment’s notice.“I thought about where a Gemini might hang out,” Lourenço said to V in a press release. “To me, it felt like it would be a festival, influenced by different music movements.”

And while the ability to create several looks is amazing, it is also important to note that the collection is made with environmentally-conscious practices. The pieces are crafted from GOTS-certified cotton, traceable wool, recycled nylon, vegan apple leather (as seen in the biker jacket), and Newlife yarns, which are made from recycled plastic bottles. To emphasize transparency with their methods, Zilver has included all of the material and supplier information on its website and on the garment tags.

You don’t have to be a Gemini to wear the collection, you just have to appreciate ethical, ready-to-wear, cool fashion and that’s exactly what the Zilver SS20 line delivers.

Zilver 'Gemini' SS20 Campaign shot by Hugo Comte.


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