There Isn’t A “Bigger” Deal Than Beyoncé’s New Video

Bey is keeping her foot on our necks with another Lion King music video drop. This time, it’s an extended cut video for “Spirit” and “Bigger”.

Beyoncé owns the world. Maybe not literally, but in her new music video, it sure looks like it. On Tuesday, Beyoncé dropped her video for “Spirit“, the power ballad leading the score of Disney’s The Lion King. Today’s Lion King goody incorporates an extended cut of the video for “Spirit” along with new footage for Beyoncé’s song “Bigger”. This wasn’t Bey’s only release today: “Bigger” was simultaneously dropped with her album, The Lion King: The Gift. That’s right. Not only did we get eight and a half minutes of seamlessly stunning visuals, but also 27 new tracks from and inspired by the movie. Truly a Gift.

Beyoncé told Good Morning America, “This soundtrack is a love letter to Africa, and … I wanted to be authentic to what is beautiful about music in Africa.” She took that same sentiment to her joint music video for “Spirit” and “Bigger”. Every element of the video is beautiful: the scenery, the garments and Queen Bey. Beyoncé stands at the center of an African desert, flanked by monochromatic dancers. Views of the African sunset change between scenes from the movie and glamour shots of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. It’s a gorgeous homage to the continent, to The Lion King and to its creator.

You can watch the extended cut for “Spirit” and “Bigger” by Beyoncé below.

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