This month, TheRealReal teams up with CultureEDIT to celebrate and raise awareness for Pride month with a fabulous curation and store installation of luxury resale items. 

The CultureEDIT, a hybrid concept store, with platforms both online and in-person, prides itself on raising a safe and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ community. Created in 2014, the company continues to grow as a presence in the fashion industry, with a mission to promote new artists and brands with a progressive cultural understanding. The platform promotes an exquisite and unique collection of queer fashion, art, and erotica. It is a testament to the growing influence and artistic merit of the queer community. The company has become a space for creativity and activism, with founder Joakim Andreasson helming the ship this pride month, bringing a rainbow perspective to the world of vintage fashion.

Courtesy of TheRealReal

Andraesson, along with friends Sidney Prawatyotin and Dennis Hayes, has collaborated with TheRealReal this month to curate a collection of vintage and contemporary second-hand pieces that celebrate the queer fashion community in a fun and sustainable way. Curated men’s and genderfluid resale items are set to launch on the Real Reals website on the 1st and will run through the rest of the month. Andreasson, Prawatyotin, and Hayes have collected pieces from a variety of designers including Comme des Garcons Play, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake, and Gucci. The CultureEDIT will also be showcasing pieces from its own brand’s collaborations with Tom of Finland X Honey Dijon and Tom of Finland X J.W. Anderson. One will also have the chance to shop a collection of designs from emerging queer designers. These colorful and edgy designs are curated to represent the CultureEDIT image, bringing together designers both renowned and up-and-coming to celebrate Pride.  

Along with the online store, the collaboration will also launch at TheRealReal WeHo boutique (located on 8500 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069). The space will be transformed into a setting fit to display the 200+ curated pieces that will grace its walls. The space will feature art and homeware from a variety of queer designers and pieces loaned by Joakim himself. Designers such as Mickalene Thomas, Jack Pierson, Tom of Finland, and AVAF will be showcased at the pop-up. The art and designs create a whimsical atmosphere of luxury and style that makes vintage shopping feel like a religious experience. 

Courtesy of TheRealReal

A portion of the proceeds made from the sales will be donated to the Hentrick-Martin Institute, an organization dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for the LGBTQIA community. This contribution represents the activism embedded in this month’s celebration. Donations alongside awareness aid this community in its journey toward appreciation and acceptance. TheRealReal’s commitment to luxury resale highlights another area of importance in the fashion industry in relation to its approaches to sustainability. Secondhand and vintage items have recently grown in popularity, and sellers have begun to monopolize this demand in a way that aims to combat the spread of fast fashion and its damaging environmental fallout. This collaboration is a crucial endorsement of queer designers that opens up conversations about inclusion and sustainability in fashion. 

This edit is a fun and creative look into the world of vintage fashion, bringing together artful design and queer representation to highlight what Pride Month is all about. It sets the tone for the month to come with an exciting cultural collaboration and a celebration of queer fashion.

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