These 12 Gen Z-Approved Nail Trends are Perfect for Spring

Because Gen Z knows beauty

2022 marked a turning point for the beauty community. Suddenly, all eyes shifted from picture perfect makeup to perfectly manicured fingers. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram’s constantly churning trend cycle, we saw long, short, minimal, and maximal manis all over our feeds. But lucky for us, Gen Zers across social media have clearly defined which nail trends are hot, and those that are definitely not. 

Amassing a whopping 38.8 billion- yes billion with a “b”- views under #nailart on TikTok, it’s clear that the social media’s young beauty community is head over heels for beautifying their hands. If you’re in a rut over what ultra-trendy mani to try next, consider these 12 influencer-approved looks. 

Blush Nails

Courtesy of @_legarage_ IG

If ever there was a nail trend that mimicked “your skin but better” makeup, it’s this one. Blush nails are buzzing due to their minimal, yet feminine aesthetic. Achieved by first using a base coat that matches your natural fingernail, what makes this trend so darn cute is the blush-like hue in the center of each nail. If you’re blush-obsessed like the TikTok girlies, then this trend is a no-brainer. 


Marble Nails

Courtesy of @mel_nails6 IG

Craving a work of art on your nails? This trend is exactly that. Created by using a thin nail polish brush to create swirls, this look can be achieved using virtually any color- and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Cottage Core Nails

Courtesy of @tessa.lyn.nails IG

If Amy March could get a modern-day mani, we’re convinced that it would be this one. Proving that floral prints don’t have to be limited to apparel, this design utilizes earth tones to get a subtle Springtime look that doesn’t draw too much attention. 


Fun French Tips

Courtesy of @miami.paradise.vibes IG

French tips will always be in. Seen as the classy older sister to many other nail trends, this sophisticated mani is usually achieved by coating the nail in a nude base, and topping it off with a slender white tip. This Spring, however, opt for a vibrant tip on an otherwise minimal nail. 


Comic Book Nails

Courtesy of @nailsby.jbunny IG

Also known as “Cartoon Nails,” this optical illusionist design looks straight out of a comic- hence the name. Choose a bold color for the base, and if you’re brave enough to tackle this trend yourself, keep a thin brush, as well as both black and white polish, nearby. Outline the nail in black polish. After using the white polish to create dimension, use a mattifying top coat to seal the deal.


Black Chrome 

Courtesy of @giannabarcantmua IG

In 2022, we saw the chrome nail trend explode before our very eyes. Through its tin-like design, chrome nails offered a futuristic take on the average manicure. This Spring, however, the chrome mani is entering its goth era. 


Thermal Nails

Courtesy of @the____hammer IG

Meant to emulate live weather forecast images, thermal nails are about to heat up the beauty scene. Achieved through coating the nails with multiple layers of different primary colors, file the top of the nail once dry to see the magic unfold. 


Lip Gloss Nails

Courtesy of @nail4you_dk IG

If you’ve ever wanted that plump, high shine finish that one achieves through copious amounts of lip gloss on your nails, then look no further. These ultra-buzzy nails have caught the attention of both minimalist and maximalist beauty gurus everywhere. Often seen in a subtle baby pink shade, this look is absolutely timeless. 


Velvet Nails

Courtesy of @nailsthatlooklikepaintings IG

To achieve the sought-after Velvet Nails, you’ll need white nail polish for your base, a shimmery shade of your choice, and a…magnet? Yes, a magnet. Created by holding a magnet close to magnetic nail polish, contorting the polish to look textured like velvet, this trend is all about illusion. Here, the manicurist tops the look off with gold accents. 


Aura Nails

Courtesy of @mtezaesthetics IG

If you’re into all things spirituality, then you have to try aura nails. While this look is typically seen in bright colors, try vamping it up by asking your manicurist for a black base coat. If you’re one of the few people who knows the color of their own aura, however, why not hone in all that good energy by sporting it on your fingertips>


Milky Nails

Courtesy of @iisnails_ IG

White nails are never a bad idea. While they were traditionally reserved for summertime, consider using a translucent white or cream shade to create what the internet is calling “milky nails.”


Water Droplet Nails

Courtesy of @quynht.t IG

Thanks to this new mermaid core trend, 3D nail art is on the rise. While 3D nail art is nothing new, this dew drop-inspired look is- and it’s perfect for every Spring occasion. Achieved by creating beads with a transparent nail gel, you’ll find yourself staring at your new digs all day long. 

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