These Fashion Brands Will Help Make Your Closet More Socially Conscious

These brands will help you take a stand and stay stylish and socially conscious at the same time. 

It can be really important to know where your money is going when you’re purchasing items for your wardrobe. Making sure to support brands that give back to their communities year-round can be a powerful and simple way of incorporating philanthropy into your lifestyle. And, during these urgent times for many social issues across the globe, it is important to find as many ways to give back as possible. But it’s so hard to find the right brands that will support the causes you’re passionate about. That’s where we come in. 


We’ve rounded up ten fashion brands (and our favorite pieces) that are giving back year-round and supporting amazing causes with their profits, so that you can keep your wardrobe both stylish and socially conscious.



The Rue Dress by Saylor


Image courtesy of Saylor


This beautiful lace dress is just one example of the beautiful designs in Saylor’s wheelhouse. This dress is perfect for all of your vacation needs. Saylor is a woman-founded fashion brand committed to giving back throughout the year. They’ve recently partnered with Stop AAPI Hate and Black Girl Ventures to donate a portion of their proceeds to these great causes. 


Shop the Rue Dress for $198 on



The National Geographic Baobab Crew By tentree.


Image courtesy of tentree.


National Geographic has partnered with tentree. to bring awareness to the global issue of deforestation through this capsule collection. This black crew is both cozy and stunning, donning an image of the Madagascar Valley of Baobab trees from the National Geographic archives. Plus, for every item you purchase, tentree. will plant ten trees across the world to help combat deforestation. 


Shop the National Geographic Baobab Crew for $58 on



The Eva Sunglasses by Lexxola


Image courtesy of Lexxola



Lexxola has taken over everybody’s Instagram feeds right now––and for a great reason. These super-stylish colored lens sunnies have been sported by celebrities like Dua Lipa, Emma Chamberlain, and Kourtney Kardashian. They’re also an official member of 1% For The Planet, a non-profit that focuses on building better, more sustainable cities. They’ve got really tight sustainability practices, with an end-to-end recycling program and their exclusive use of all-electric delivery fleets that make emissions-free shipping a reality. These sunnies will keep you stylish and on-trend while also reducing your overall carbon footprint. It’s a win-win! 


Shop the Eva Sunglasses for $200 on

The Amour Sweatshirt by Sézane


Image courtesy of Sézane


Sézane brings vintage french fashion back with their timeless designs. They aim to make timeless clothes that’ll last you a lifetime –– like this Amour sweatshirt, a classic piece that’ll be sure to outlive all of the trend cycles. Sézane also has its own philanthropic program called DEMAIN that has raised over a million euros last year for donations to children’s welfare causes.


Shop the Amour Sweatshirt for $110 on



The Speak Up Hoodie by Social Goods


Image courtesy of Social Goods


Mental health is such an important cause, and this hoodie created by Social Goods in collaboration with The Jed Foundation is raising both funds and awareness to help get young adults the help they need. This tie-dye hoodie, with its embroidered “Speak Up” logo in the right-hand corner, is a beautiful and subtle reminder of how vital it is to get help for your mental health. 25% of proceeds from this hoodie go directly to The Jed Foundation, to help them continue their partner work with high school and college students across the country.


Shop the Speak Up Hoodie for $85 on



The True Knit Slim Cropped Trouser by Ninety Percent


Image courtesy of Ninety Percent


Ninety Percent is taking a brand new approach to socially conscious fashion. At Ninety Percent, for each item you purchase––like their True Knit Slim Cropper Trouser, a stylish and formal pair of trousers that can be converted from office-ready to elegant night outfit with just the change of your top––you are given a code. You can then use that code to donate ninety percent of your purchase amount to one or more of their five partner charities. It’s giving back on another level, that gives you a bit more control over where your money goes.


Shop the True Knit Slim Cropped Trouser for $198 on



The Vintage Pearl Whirlpool Earrings by Nectar Nectar


Image courtesy of Nectar Nectar


Nectar Nectar is committed to improving the quality of life for the artisans it employs. Through comprehensive training and educational programs, the brand makes sure to truly invest in their employees. They also adhere to Fair Trade business practices. Their stunning jewelry designs, like these Vintage Pearl Whirlpool Earrings, are sure to give your wardrobe an eclectic upgrade.


Shop the Vintage Pearl Whirlpool Earrings for $262.20 on



The Hirsuit Swim Simple by Otherwild


Image courtesy of Otherwild


This Hirsuit swim-piece is an androgynous swimsuit designed for “a wide variety of bodies and gender expressions.” This swimsuit is an innovative piece designed to address the bathing suit industry’s antiquated understandings of bodies and gender identities, offering up a sleek alternative to swimsuits that strictly adhere to the gender binary. It’s also made from heavy recycled polyester and spandex, to keep you tight and shielded from the sun while also sourcing directly from already-available materials. 


Shop the Hirsuit Swim Simple for $69 on



The Camden x Karen Mabon: Pubjamas by Camden Town Brewery


Image courtesy of Camden Town Brewery x Karen Mabon


Now that the pandemic has completely ravaged our lives (and our closets) Camden Town Brewery and designer Karen Mabon have teamed up to create a fashion-forward outfit alternative that will give back to communities most impacted by COVID-19. In comes the Pubjamas, a beautiful set of firetruck-red pajamas that look going-out ready. 100% of the profits from the Pubjamas will be donated to Hospitality Action, a UK charity that supports those in the hospitality industry impacted by job loss and closures due to the pandemic.


Shop the Camden x Karen Mabon: Pubjamas for $65 on



The Benjamin Rose Gold Sunglasses by Amavii Sunnies


Image courtesy of Amavii


These sunglasses from Amavii have been worn by some of your favorite celebrities (Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid come to mind!) and for great reason. Amavii Sunnies make their sunglasses with some of the most clean and sustainable materials available, like Italian plant-based cellulose acetate and Japanese titanium. Amavii is also partnering with to plant one tree for every pair of sunglasses they sell.


Shop the Benjamin Rose Gold Sunglasses for $255 on



 The Colby Bag by State Bags


Image courtesy of State Bags



State Bags is an American-owned, American-collaborative brand that gives back to some of our country’s most under-resourced communities. For every bag purchased, State Bags will donate a bag to American children and families in need. This Colby Bag is a rolltop backpack with an “urban edge” that’ll hold all of your work and school supplies in an incredibly chic American way. 


Shop the Colby Bag for $160 on


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